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Liv and Maddie
TV Show (Disney Channel)
Role: Liv / Maddie Rooney
Status: Season 2 Airing / Season 3 Filming
Release: 19 July 2013 | 15 September 2013
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Austin & Ally
TV Show (Disney Channel)
Role: Bobbie
Episode: 4x06 "Duos & Deception"
Status: Aired
Release: 19 April 2015
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Barely Lethal
Role: Liz Larson
Status: Now on Digital HD
Release: 29 May 2015
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TV Movie (Disney Channel)
Role: Mal, daughter of Maleficent
Status: Aired
Release: 31 July 2015
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Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls
Movie (Direct to Video)
Role: Beth
Status: Post-Production
Release: 29 September 2015
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Posted By Mylene
Saturday, 16 July 2016

[Gallery] Dove Cameron at the ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ Premiere.

Our galllery has been updated with a lot of pictures in HQ of Dove at the ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ Premiere. Check them out:

d1 d2 d3

Gallery Links:
– 2016 > ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ Premiere (June 23, 2016)

Posted By Mylene
Friday, 24 June 2016

25 Things You Don’t Know About Dove Cameron.

1. I made myself memorize how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism in under 3 seconds when I was 6 years old because my sister told me it was the longest word she knew.

2. I have something called vasovagal syncope reactions! Stress, injury, blood rushes and even someone mentioning blood will make me lose color, or even faint for real. Super fun times to go to the doctor with me.

3. Eighty percent of what I listen to in my car is hard rap or punk. The other 20 percent is musical theatre.

4. I wore a $30 vintage wedding dress for my 8th birthday in an underground jazz club in Seattle. This was what I wanted.

Continue Reading at US Weekly

Posted By Mylene
Monday, 20 June 2016

Dove Cameron Chats About “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher”.

BYOU Magazine: Can you tell us about your music and upcoming projects for The Girl and The Dreamcatcher?

Dove: Yeah! Mine and Ryan’s band, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher, is a huge passion of mine. I am so excited. I am really, really grateful to Disney Channel for showing our stuff, helping me promote and cultivate this music career. It’s amazing! I could not feel happier. It is very rare that an artist in my position, or in almost anyone’s position really, has full power and autonomy over what they put out, but Ryan and I really do. Everything that you hear form our band has been written by us. We get the music back and we say, “we want more drums here,” or “want more guitar here,” or “we definitely want this part to be longer.” We shoot, pay for, and edit all of our own music videos. So everything that you’re getting from us is 100 percent authentic; you’re getting it directly from us and that’s something that we’re really proud about. We have a lot coming out this year. 2016 is going to be a huge year for us, and we’re really excited about all this support we’re being shown by the fans — we love our “dreamcatchers”! And there’s so much more coming your way and I can’t even wait to show you guys! Lots of live performances, lots of music videos, singles, possibly an EP!

Continue reading at BYOU Magazine

Posted By Mylene
Monday, 20 June 2016

Posted By Mylene
Thursday, 16 June 2016

[Gallery Updated] Barely Lethal – Captures and Stills.

Our gallery has been updated with a lot of pictures  from ‘Barely Lethal’. Check them out:

020 001 012

Gallery Links:
– Movies > “Barely Lethal” Movie Captures
– Movies > “Barely Lethal” Movie Stills
– Movies > “Barely Lethal” Photoshoot
– Movies > “Barely Lethal” Behind the Scenes

Posted By Mylene
Wednesday, 15 June 2016

[Video] ‘Make you Stay’ Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes.

Our gallery has been updated with 101 screen captures from the video. Check them out:

010 045 066

Gallery Links:
– The Girl and The Dreamcatcher > ‘Make you Stay – Photoshoot’ – BTS

Posted By Mylene
Monday, 13 June 2016

[Gallery Updated] Tiger Beat Photoshoot.

Our gallery has been updated with 2 new outtakes from Tiger Beat Photoshoot. Check them out:

d1 d2

Gallery Links:
– 2016 > Session 002 – Tiger Beat

Posted By Mylene
Saturday, 11 June 2016

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