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Dec 2014
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie  •  By  •  Comments Off on “Liv and Maddie” Seasons 1 and 2 Episode Stills Update

I have replaced some MQ stills with high quality ones, and I have added new high quality stills / behind the scenes photos from past and future episodes. Please bear in mind that some of the stills added are from future episodes, and may not be labeled correctly, I will change that when more knowledge is known about the episodes. You may need to refresh some of the gallery pages

Dec 2014
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie  •  By  •  Comments Off on Liv and Maddie 2×06 “Hoops-A-Rooney” Episode Captures and 2×07 “New Year’s Eve-A-Rooney” Episode Stills Added

Apologies for a late upload on the captures. I have added 374 HD captures of Dove in the latest Liv and Maddie episode, 2×06 “Hoops-A-Rooney”. I have also added 15 high quality stills from the upcoming episode, 2×07 “New Year’s Eve-A-Rooney”. Gallery Links: Television Series > Liv & Maddie > Season 02 > Episode Captures > 2×06 “Hoops-A-Rooney” Episode Captures Television Series > Liv & Maddie > Season 02 >

Nov 2014
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie, Television  •  By  •  Comments Off on Liv and Maddie 2×05 “Match-A-Rooney” Episode Captures and 2×06 “Hoops-A-Rooney” Episode Stills Added

The gallery is still currently under construction, and when I finish that, I will make a master post of what I added while it was offline and even after the gallery was re-opened. However, this post is for the new, recent stuff from this week: 410 high definition captures from last Sunday’s Liv and Maddie episode 2×05 “Match-A-Rooney” and 9 high quality episode stills from the upcoming episode 2×06 “Hoops-A-Rooney”.

Jul 2014
Descendants, Gallery Updates, Movies, Television  •  By  •  Comments Off on “Descendants” Gallery Update!

First, I would be apologizing for the lack of updates on site, I’ve been very busy and I need people to help me keep this site active, if any interest, send me an email. I have added pics of Dove in your new movie “Descendants“. Enjoy these gorgeous images of Dove! x02 – Promotional Photoshoot x09 – June 20, 2014

Jun 2014
Liv & Maddie, Music, Videos  •  By  •  3 Comments

Dove Cameron – Count Me In (From “Liv & Maddie”/ Music from the TV Series / Audio Only) – Download it on iTunes!

Jun 2014
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie, Photoshoots  •  By  •  Comments Off on Liv and Maddie 1×20 “Song-A-Rooney” Episode Stills + New Photoshoot Added

I’ve added episode stills from Liv and Maddie 1×20 “Song-A-Rooney” and pics from a new photoshoot that Dove did. Be sure to have a look! x11 – 1×20 – “Song-A-Rooney” Episode Stills x02 – Unknown 07 (2014)

May 2014
Dove Cameron, Gallery Updates, Television, Videos  •  By  •  1 Comment

I’ve updated the gallery with 2 HQ’s magazine scans from Shout Magazine UK, where Dove make a photoshoot. Be sure to have a look at these for now!    It was also released by Disney Channel UK an exclusive video from Dove on “Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw“. Check out

May 2014
Dove Cameron, Liv & Maddie, Videos  •  By  •  1 Comment

Liv And Maddie‘s Dove Cameron lets you know her favourite things are in a quick fire ‘This or That’. Check out!

Apr 2014
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie, Videos  •  By  •  1 Comment

In new’s episode of “Liv & Maddie” – “Flashback-A-Rooney” Maddie wants to try out for the junior Olympics, but she is awaiting a letter that tells her if she is invited to try out. After Liv sees the letter, and that she got in, she doesn’t give it to her, in hopes she won’t leave. But after having a flashback, and some humilliations, she realizes Maddie has let her go,