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Liv and Maddie
TV Show (Disney Channel)
Role: Liv / Maddie Rooney
Release: 19 July 2013 | 15 September 2013
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Cloud 9
TV Movie (Disney Channel)
Role: Kayla Morgan
Release: 17 January 2014
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Disney's Win, Lose or Draw
TV Show (Disney Channel)
Role: Herself
Release: 9 April 2014
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Barely Lethal
Role: Liz Larson
Release: 2014
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TV Movie (Disney Channel)
Role: Mal, daughter of Maleficent
Release: 2015
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Dove Olivia Cameron was born on January 15, 1996 in Seattle, Washington to Bonnie Wallace and Philip Alan Hosterman. When she was an infant, she gained the nickname Dove from her father and has kept that name for herself.

She grew up in Bainbridge Island, Washington. When she was a child, she attended Sakai Intermediate School. When she was eight, she began to act in the local community theater Bainbridge Performing Arts. At the age of twelve, in 2008, she landed the lead role, Mary, in the local production of “The Secret Garden”, after doing a few other shows for them, including “The Wizard of Oz” and Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. When Dove was fourteen, she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue acting professionally. She attended Burbank High School and sang lead in their National Championship Show Choir.

About the Name

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
Meaning & History
From the English word for the variety of bird.

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
PRONOUNCED: ə-LIV-ee-ə (English), o-LEE-vee-ah (German)
Meaning & History
This name was first used in this spelling by William Shakespeare for a character in his comedy ‘Twelfth Night’ (1602). Shakespeare may have based it on OLIVER or OLIVA, or perhaps directly on the Latin word oliva meaning “olive”. In the play Olivia is a noblewoman who is wooed by Duke Orsino but instead falls in love with his messenger Cesario.
The name has been used in the English-speaking world since the 18th century, though it did not become overly popular until the last half of the 20th century. Its rise in popularity in America was precipitated by a character on the 1970s television series ‘The Waltons’.

SOURCE: Nickname
USAGE: Scottish
Meaning & History
Means “crooked nose” from Gaelic cam “crooked” and sròn “nose”.

Fun Facts

Dove loves coffee.
Dove loves grapes.
Dove is only 5’2″ in height.
Dove’s birth name is Chloe.
Dove has a cat named Fern.
Dove’s favorite season is autumn.
Dove’s best friend is named Veronica.
Dove has an older sister named Claire Hosterman.
Dove’s favorite Disneyland ride is Space Mountain.
Dove’s father passed away when she was fifteen.
Dove’s favorite song is “Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller.
Dove loves fashion, personalizing clothing items, and sewing.
Dove is dating on-screen boyfriend Ryan McCartan in real life.
Dove is a huge fan of the BBC show Doctor Who and slips references into her own show.
Dove’s favorite book is a collection of Edgar Allan Poe poetry given to her by her grandfather.
Dove is a fan of the FX show American Horror Story and has dreams to one day star on the show.
Dove cut and dyed her own hair when she was 12, aiming for a Zooey Deschanel look, but ended up with “a German school boy’s look, 70s sort of look”.


2015 – Descendants – Mal – Pre-Production
2014 – Barely Lethal – Liz Larson – Film
2014 – Cloud 9 – Kayla Morgan - TV film (Disney Channel Original Movie)
2013 – Liv and Maddie – Liv Rooney / Maddie Rooney (Lead role; Disney Channel Original Series)
2013 – Malibu Country – Sienna (Episode: “Push Comes to Shove”)
2012 – The Mentalist – Charlotte Anne Jane (Episode: “Devil’s Cherry”)
2012 – Shameless – Holly Herkimer (Episodes: “A Beautiful Mess” & “Father’s Day”)


2013 – Shake It Up’s I <3 Dance
            “Future Sounds Like Us”
2013 – Disney’s Holidays Unwrapped
            “Let It Snow”

2013 – “Better In Stereo”
2013 – “On Top of the World”

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9200 Sunset Blvd.
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Los Angeles, CA 90069

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