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Dec 2013
Dove Cameron, Gallery Updates, Site Updates  •  By  •  Comments Off on Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of the Holidays, I have added 7 more images of the Christmas photoshoot that Dove did for Disney Channel this year.

Christmas with Dove… in her words.

Christmas is huge in my family. We really go for it! We prepare for weeks in advance and it’s always a really lovely time to spend together with the people I love. When I think about Christmas, it reminds me of my family and my home – and lots of food because I’m a big foodie. I can’t wait for Christmas this year!

Dove bakes for Christmas!

I’ve never been allowed to touch the turkey at Christmas, but I do make garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. I also make a really awesome vegan apple pie, which sounds a lot less appetising than it is. I promise you, it’s phenomenal. You wouldn’t even know it was vegan! What else do I cook? I make sweet potatoes with lots of brown sugar and marshmallows, and I bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies and cupcakes. I’m more of a baker than a cook. I love, love, love to bake!


Dec 2013
Dove Cameron, Gallery Updates  •  By  •  Comments Off on Old Dove Images From 2008 Added To Gallery

I have added two large images of Dove as Mary in the Bainbridge Performing Arts production of “The Secret Garden” from May 2008. I have also added one large image of Dove as Nightingale of Samarkand in the Bainbridge Performing Arts production of “Once Upon A Mattress” from December 2008. Dove was only 12 in these images, what a blast from the past! I have also updated the about Dove page on this site, there’s a lot more information I’ve added about Dove, after hours of research.

Dec 2013
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Cloud 9 had a cast screening today in Burbank, CA and I have added 26 HQ images of Dove at the event.

Edit 12/19: I have added 6 more high quality images of Dove at the event.

Dec 2013
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I have added 5 large stills, 2 large promotional photoshoot images, and 1 HQ image of the soundtrack cover for Dove’s upcoming movie Cloud 9!
Dove will sing the song “Cloud 9” on the soundtrack, releasing 14 January 2014, 3 days before the movie release on Disney Channel.

x2 – Promotional Photoshoot
x5 – Production Stills
x1 – Merchandise

Dec 2013
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I have added two high quality images of Dove on set of her upcoming movie Barely Lethal.

Dec 2013
Movies  •  By  •  Comments Off on Dove Cast Lead In New Disney Channel Production “The Descendants”

Dove has been the first to be cast in the upcoming 2015 Disney Channel live-action production The Descendants, to be directed by Kenny Ortega (“High School Musical”) as Maleficent’s (from Sleeping Beauty) daughter, Mal. Mal will be the ring leader of a group of kids, all children of classic Disney villains, who get tangled up with the good son of the king and queen from Beauty and the Beast. Some sources claim The Descendants to be a movie, while others say a show, so we will keep updated on what it will be!

Sources: JJJ and Variety

Dec 2013
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I have added 74 more photoshoot images Dove has done, located in 7 new photoshoot albums. Enjoy these gorgeous images of Dove!

x03 – NOH8 (2012)
x43 – Free People (2012)
x21 – Christmas (2012)
x02 – Unknown 01
x02 – Unknown 02
x01 – Unknown 03
x02 – Miscellaneous Holiday

Dec 2013
Gallery Updates, Movies  •  By  •  Comments Off on “Cloud 9” Images Added to the Gallery

I have added one high quality still and two large posters featuring Dove for her upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9. The movie is set to air on 17 January 2014 on Disney Channel!

x2 – Movie Posters
x1 – Production Stills

Dec 2013
Gallery Updates  •  By  •  Comments Off on Large Gallery Update (Album Covers, Instagram Images, and Screen Captures)

Not only have I added a bunch more images, I have also fixed up the main gallery categories, along with adding descriptions to them, so you know what to find within each category.
I have added two album covers to the music section of the gallery (since “On Top of the World” and “Better In Stereo” have basically the same cover, except for the title, I’ve only added one of them).

I have also added images from Dove’s instagram: @dovecameron! I have separated the images with Dove in them from the images without Dove, putting them in two separate categories.

And have captured miscellaneous videos of Dove and added them to the gallery. I’ll be finding more and capping them another day. These 8 are just the beginning.

x077 – Radio Disney: What Would Liv and Maddie Say?
x095 – Radio Disney: Celeb Take
x152 – Radio Disney: On Set of “Better In Stereo”
x153 – D23 Expo 2013 Interview
x049 – FanLaLa: “Liv and Maddie” Behind the Scenes
x044 – Clevver TV: On Set of “Liv and Maddie”
x135 – KTLA Interview
x053 – “Liv and Maddie” Whosie!

Dec 2013
Gallery Updates, Liv & Maddie, Television, Videos  •  By  •  Comments Off on Liv and Maddie 1×10 “Fa La La La-A-Rooney” Episode Captures + Dove’s “Fa-La-La-Lidays” Disney Commercial Captures Added

I have added 553 HD (unfortunately has the Disney watermark on them) captures of Dove in the Christmas episode of Liv and Maddie 1×10 “Fa La La La-A-Rooney”.

I have also added 9 HD caps of Dove in the Disney Channel “Fa-La-La-Lidays” Holiday intro for this year, which you can watch at the bottom of this post. I had uploaded the video onto our site’s NEW FACEBOOK PAGE, which you can like if you want more about Dove, just for your viewing since I hadn’t seen it online already.