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As all you know, Dove Cameron is the voice behind Spider-Gwen on animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man”. And here is a clip from episode 4×21 “Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4”. Enjoy it!

Synopsis: Liv takes Ruby to a spooky dinner and runs into an old acquaintance and Maddie comes face-to-face with the real-life spider-sprayer. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey must convince their classmates to celebrate Halloween.

This episode will be air on October 14, 2016.

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– Season 04 > Episode Stills > 4×03 “Scare-A-Rooney” Episode Stills

Our gallery has been updated with 479 captures of Dove from Liv & Maddie’s episode 4×02 “Linda & Heather-A-Rooney”. Check them out:

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Our gallery has been updated with 248 captures of Dove from Liv & Maddie’s episode 4×01 “Sorta Sisters-A-Rooney”. Check them out:

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– Season 4 > Episode Captures > 4×01 “Sorta Sisters-A-Rooney”

Synopsis: Liv lands a small part on the hit show “Linda and Heather,” but her role turns out to be bigger than she could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, Joey has to deal with his relationship woes.

This episode will be air on September 30, 2016.

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– Episode Stills > 4×02 “Linda & Heather-A-Rooney”

Synopsis: Liv, Maddie and the rest of the Rooney family are excited to start their new life in California. As the school year begins, the Rooney’s cousin, Ruby, returns home from a summer trip. Excited to have “sort of” siblings, Ruby can’t wait to finally be a sister but finds herself in the middle of a sister-fight between Liv and Maddie. Meanwhile, Joey and Parker attend their new science and technology school and their experience is not what they expected.

This episode will be air on September 23, 2016.

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– Episode Stills > 4×01 “Sorta Sisters-A-Rooney”