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Happy 19th Birthday, Dove!

Dove was born on January 15, 1996 in Washington State, so today is her 19th birthday! Happy birthday, Dove! We all wish you an amazing year!

Disney Channel’s Descendants is a Wrap According to Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is our saving grace when it comes to the Disney Channel original movie The Descendants. It was her blowing up our Twitter and Instagram feeds with pics and updates from the set of the movie.

Well, it looks like the pics might be slowing down in the near future, because the lovely Dove just posted a pic from the wrap party on her Instagram this week.

Now all that’s left is post-production, then Disney begins to ramp up hype for their modern take on some memorable Disney classics. Yeah, this is one DCOM that we’ll have our eye on over the next couple of months. We are SO pumped!

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New Photoshoot of Dove

First, I would be apologizing for the lack of updates on site, I’ve been very busy and I need people to help me keep this site active, if any interest, send me an email (

I have added 10 more photoshoot  images Dove has done, located in 3 photoshoot albums. Enjoy these gorgeous images of Dove!

x03 – Unknown 06 (2014)
x06 – Disney Channel Summer (2014)
x02 – Unknown 10 (2014)

thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_003 thumb_004

Dove Cameron Reveals Her New Band’s Name

EXCLUSIVE: Dove Cameron Reveals Her New Band’s Name!
by BOP and Tiger Beat || May 15, 2014

Calling all #Rove fans! Are you ready for an exclusive, hot-off-the-presses scoop? BOP & Tiger Beat spoke with Dove Cameron today, and she told us the brand new name of her band with her boyfriend and Liv & Maddie co-star, Ryan McCartan.

A couple weeks ago, we told you that the adorable couple was starting a band together, which they originally wanted to call Rove (Ryan + Dove!). Well, Dove cleared that up by telling us, “Rove was sort of a placeholder. We never actually intended on being called our couple name,” she admitted.

When we asked her about the band’s new name, she was initially a little hesitant to reveal it. “We have a name. I don’t know if it’s something… you know what? I’ll text Ryan right now and see if it’s something that I can tell you. We’re really excited about the name!” she said.

Our hearts were racing as we waited for Ryan to respond. Finally, he gave it the green light and Dove spilled the secret!

“The name of our band is Vignette,” she revealed. “The date that Ryan and I met was April 3, and in Roman numerals, that’s VI. So we knew we wanted something that started with “vi,” so it could be meaningful to us.”

So how did they come up with Vignette? Dove explains: “Vignette is defined as a little sketch at the beginning and the end of every chapter, and we thought that was beautiful — something that is constant throughout all change. Something that is the same at the beginning and the end. And something that weathers through every chapter.”

OMG, so beautiful! But wait — we have some more exclusive deets! Dove said she and Ryan have already started to record songs together, and she describes their sound as “upbeat, pop-heavy and super romantic, with some jazz elements.” We’re so stoked to hear it!

Source: BOP & Tiger Beat

Shout Magazine Scans + Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw Video

I’ve updated the gallery with 2 HQ’s magazine scans from Shout Magazine UK, where Dove make a photoshoot. Be sure to have a look at these for now!

thumb_scan001 thumb_scan002 thumb_002 thumb_002

It was also released by Disney Channel UK an exclusive video from Dove on “Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw“. Check out

New portrait

Sorry for the delay to post this news, I’ve been quite busy during the weekend, for those who do not know, I am also owner of “Luke Benward Brazil” and was preparing a birthday video for him. If you want to see the video, go here. Also take this opportunity to wish congratulations to Luke, Happy 19th birthday Luke Benward! Anyway… Dove strike a pose in a portrait booth backstage at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards in this photo from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight series. Check out!

thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_002 thumb_002

Dove Cameron’s This or That

Liv And Maddie‘s Dove Cameron lets you know her favourite things are in a quick fire ‘This or That’. Check out!

Dove Cameron ‘Didn’t Shave Until 12’

Dove Cameron revealed to BOP! ‘The first time I shaved my legs was when I was 11 years old. I was at my friend’s house and she told me I should have been shaving my legs for years.

This is usally something girls start around 8 or 9,’ she said. ‘Oh whoa,’ I thought, ‘I have to catch up!’ I was such a tomboy so I was still running around in the woods and carving my name in the trees when most girls were playing with mascara.

When I shaved my legs that day, it was a little scary and I though it was going to hurt, but I got no cuts. It was a good first shaving experience, LOL!

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Other news includes Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan’s band, Rove Band, no longer has that name, the band will have a new name now (not yet published). You can also see a video of Dove shooting her new music “I Believe In You” in the studio by clicking here.

Rove Band and more news!

Dove Cameron is already working in her band, Rove Band, with her boyfriend Ryan McCartan. Probably, the album will be called “I Believe in You“, and they will also be recording a song called “Plan B“. We couldn’t believe the news – this band is going to be simply amazing!

FYI: I have added a photoshoot image of Dove from New Stars Magazine. Be sure to have a look at these for now!

thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_002 thumb_002

In other news, not least, Dove begin filming the movie “Disney’s Descendants” this Friday (09). Yay!

Dove Cameron’s Diary From the Radio Disney Music Awards

Dove Cameron’s Diary From the Radio Disney Music Awards
by Dove Cameron || April 29, 2014

You may know 18-year-old Dove Cameron as playing identical twins Liv and Maddie Roonie from the Disney show, Liv and Maddie. We tapped the star to guest blog for us for a day, letting us behind-the-scenes as she preps for the Radio Disney Music Awards. Keep reading to get the scoop!

Three hours before the event even begins, my lovely hair and makeup goddesses show up to work their magic! I wake up looking like a woodland creature, so the time is definitely necessary. As is the coffee in my hand.

I knew while looking through my stylist’s rack of clothing that I was introducing a performance of “Let it Go” from Frozen, so I figured I would go with the theme of the film. This photo of me was taken not even a moment after I was pinned into the gorgeous Ted Baker dress. He’s absolutely in my top five favorite designers!

Ran into my “big brothers” Jordan Fisher and Luke Benward right before stepping onto the red carpet! Ahhh, I have too much love for these boys.

Just before getting interviewed by the lovely Peyton List on the red carpet for a little fashion segment! She’s such a doll.

Visiting the Boys and Girls Club with Luke! Such sweet kids, they absolutely made our morning.

Red carpet selfies with my Cloud Nine co-star/ “big brother” Luke! Pretty sure we’re not supposed to have our phones out on the carpet… shhhh…

Ran into Jared Eng of JustJared on my way to my seat! Obviously a selfie with RD was necessary.

Finally found our way to our seats! I took my best friend Emmy (who plays my Liv body double on Liv and Maddie) because my boyfriend Ryan is off in NYC. We also got to cuddle up with Laura and Raini, an added bonus. #MyLoves

Evidence of the #RDMA afterparty with my love, Emmy. Craziest, longest, most amazing day. Can’t wait for the RDMAs next year! Thank you, Radio Disney!

This is Dove, signing off! Thank you guys for coming on my RDMA journey! It’s been fun having you beauties follow me around for a bit. Until next time! Xoxo

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