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Site Construction and Updates Coming

Hi guys! My name is Jen, I was owner of this site between early November 2013 and late January 2014, and I was able to adopt the site back a few days ago. I will be updating with high definition captures, high quality stills, promotional images, and more images of Dove / Liv and Maddie soon. I will be working on the gallery, getting things out of this folder called “userpics” and into their appropriate folders, along with replacing some image files with larger, more high quality versions, so for a short, temporary time, you will not be able to access the gallery. I will also be working on some new layouts for the site because these layouts have been up for over eleven months now.
I would also like to pre-warn you that on the weeks that new episodes air (for both shows), I will be busy updating my Colin O’Donoghue fansite with Once Upon A Time (he plays Captain Hook) news on Sunday nights / Mondays, so I may not get to Liv and Maddie updates until maybe Monday nights, or Tuesdays.

New Lyrics added on “SING IT LOUD! Lyrics Archive”

Hey guys! I added in our Lyrics Archive three songs from “Disney Channel Play It Loud” album and the Cloud 9 song from “DCOM’s Cloud 9“, where Dove sing the song with Luke Benward. Be sure to check this on “SING IT LOUD! Archive Lyrics

Gallery Update

I’ve updated the gallery with a bunch of new pictures of Dove, including some Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw episode stills and behind the scenes, old scans, miscellaneous pictures, some photoshoot pictures and “2013 Saving SPOT! Benefit” event pics. Click on the thumbnails below to have a look!

thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_003 thumb_004
thumb_005 thumb_006 thumb_007 thumb_008
thumb_009 Disney Channel's "Win, Lose or Draw" Saving SPOT! Second Annual Benefit at Thompson Beverly Hills Saving SPOT! Second Annual Benefit at Thompson Beverly Hills

x02 – Headshots
x01 – NOH8 (2012)
x05 – Unknown – BTS (2012)
x08 – Miscellaneous (2012)
x06 – New Stars Mag – February 2014
x03 – Miscellaneous Performances
x03 – [THEATRE] The Secret Garden (May 2008)
x07 – Halloween (2012)
x01 – 1×02 “Dove Cameron & Joey Bragg” Behind the Scenes
x18 – 1×02 “Dove Cameron & Joey Bragg” Episode Stills
x06 – 2013 Saving SPOT! Benefit – (October 13, 2013)

Photoshoot and “Liv and Maddie” Episode Stills Update!

I have added 10 more photoshoot images Dove has done on last year, located in 2 photoshoot albums. Enjoy these gorgeous images of Dove!

thumb_001 thumb_002 thumb_003 thumb_004

x09 – Chill Factore (2013)
x02 – NYC (2013)

FYI: I’ve updated the gallery with 6 episode stills from Liv and Maddie 1×17 “Howl-A-Rooney”. Be sure to have a look!


x06 – 1×17 “Howl-a-Rooney” Episode Stills

“Cloud 9”, “Liv and Maddie” and “Descendants” Images Update!

As you know, “DCOM’S Cloud 9” premiered at the beginning of the year, I’ve updated the gallery with images of the movie, like website images, and movie poster. I’ve added 15 episode stills from Liv and Maddie 1×12 “Dump-A-Rooney” and website images too, so be sure to check those out! Also took advantage to add the poster of her next movie, “Descendants“.

thumb_007 thumb_011 thumb_012 thumb_008 
thumb_002 thumb_004 thumb_006 thumb_010
thumb_005 thumb_009 thumb_009 thumb_009

x04 – Official Website (Cloud 9)
x01 – Movie Posters (Cloud 9)
x15 – 1×12 “Dump-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x03 – Official Website (Liv and Maddie)
x01 – Movie Posters (Descendants)

“Cloud 9” Promotional Photoshoot and Stills Added

I have added 5 stills, and 14 promotional photoshoot images from DCOM’s Cloud 9, so be sure to check those out!

thumb003 thumb004 thumb001 thumb002

x5 – Production Stills
x14 – Promotional Photoshoot

New owner!

Hi ! I’m Dan, the new owner of ! The website will be updated regularly.
Thank you for visiting Dove Cameron Online.
See you soon,

Hi ! / New owner

Hi ! I am Laura, the new owner of ! The website will be updated regularly.
Thank you for visiting Dove Cameron Online.
See you soon,

Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of the Holidays, I have added 7 more images of the Christmas photoshoot that Dove did for Disney Channel this year.

Christmas with Dove… in her words.

Christmas is huge in my family. We really go for it! We prepare for weeks in advance and it’s always a really lovely time to spend together with the people I love. When I think about Christmas, it reminds me of my family and my home – and lots of food because I’m a big foodie. I can’t wait for Christmas this year!

Dove bakes for Christmas!

I’ve never been allowed to touch the turkey at Christmas, but I do make garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. I also make a really awesome vegan apple pie, which sounds a lot less appetising than it is. I promise you, it’s phenomenal. You wouldn’t even know it was vegan! What else do I cook? I make sweet potatoes with lots of brown sugar and marshmallows, and I bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies and cupcakes. I’m more of a baker than a cook. I love, love, love to bake!