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Please, read this!

Some people email me with a lot of sweet things, but they think I’m Dove or I have some kind of contact with her.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact with Dove, her family, her friends or her managers. I’m just a fan running a fansite dedicated to her.

The email available on my fansite is just to you guys contact me, not Dove! I hope you understand that!

With Love,


Hi, Dovelies!

Well, I’m working on updates of our gallery and soon I’ll post more news. Today I’ll update it with a couple of photoshoots and screen captures.

I hope you guys can be patient with me ’cause I’m working hard to bring only the best to you all!

New owner!

Hi, Dovelies!

My name is Mylene and I’m the new owner of Dove Cameron Org. I’ll provide you all with news, videos and pictures of Dove.  I hope you enjoy here!

Thank you so much for your visit!

“Saturday Night Live” Sketch Inspired By “Liv and Maddie”

Alright, so this isn’t directly Dove-related, but Saturday Night Live did a parody sketch inspired by Liv and Maddie, the Disney show Dove stars as both twins on. This is really cool, and Dove even tweeted her approval, saying “yazz” and “I’m soy happy, luv me some #SNL” about it.
The sketch entitled “Brother 2 Brother” features Taran Killam (Stuck In the Suburbs, 12 Years A Slave) as Marky and Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers) as Matty. It was part of the episode hosted by Hemsworth that had aired on 7 March.
Warning: There is [spoken] content not suitable for children in the sketch.