Dove Cameron ‘Didn’t Shave Until 12’

Dove Cameron revealed to BOP! ‘The first time I shaved my legs was when I was 11 years old. I was at my friend’s house and she told me I should have been shaving my legs for years.

This is usally something girls start around 8 or 9,’ she said. ‘Oh whoa,’ I thought, ‘I have to catch up!’ I was such a tomboy so I was still running around in the woods and carving my name in the trees when most girls were playing with mascara.

When I shaved my legs that day, it was a little scary and I though it was going to hurt, but I got no cuts. It was a good first shaving experience, LOL!

Source: Oceanup


Other news includes Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan’s band, Rove Band, no longer has that name, the band will have a new name now (not yet published). You can also see a video of Dove shooting her new music “I Believe In You” in the studio by clicking here.