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There’s a part of me that struggles with the fact that the villain kids are still on the Isle of the Lost. Why do you think it took Ben to initiate bringing them over?

Melissa: Probably because his parents didn’t want it at all.  They didn’t even think about it until he thought of it.  They were thinking of the villains as these horrible monsters and creatures and he was thinking of the children and how innocent they were.  I don’t think it occurred to anybody until Ben came of age and could make proclamations to do anything about the kids on the Isle of the Lost.

Dove: Came of age at the ripe age of 16! Time to run a kingdom son!

How has your writing been influenced by the new live action film coming in July?

Melissa: It’s always influenced by it! I get to visit the set, see the characters in costume, I go through the production stuff because we definitely want the books to translate that world into words.  And it’s a prequel so you get to enter into that world through the books first.

We find out that Agrabah and China are literally right next to each other.

Melissa: I didn’t make the map!

Is there actually a map of Auradon?

Melissa: Yes, there is.  There’s a map and a Bible

Will we see a lot of other places coming up in the movie?

Dove: I don’t know if we GO to the lands.  You see a lot of the Isle and you also see little bits, fun things for the people who are paying attention.

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