“Liv and Maddie” Episode Stills and Promotional Photoshoot Images Added + 1×08 “Brain-a-Rooney” Episode Captures

I have re-added the first three episodes’ stills with higher quality versions. I have also added high quality stills of episodes 4-6 and 10, which were not previously in the gallery.

x11 – 1×01 “Twin-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x20 – 1×01 “Team-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x08 – 1×01 “Sleep-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x05 – 1×01 “Steal-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x13 – 1×01 “Kang-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x09 – 1×01 “Skate-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x02 – 1×01 “Fa La La La-A-Rooney” Episode Stills

I have also re-added the current promotional images with higher quality versions, along with new/more images from the shoot! I have put them into two folders. The high quality / large one and the low quality one.

I have added 490 high definition (1080p.) captures of Dove in the most recent Liv and Maddie episode 1×08 “Brain-a-Rooney”, in which Liv got to geek out and show her smarts during a braniac competition, while Maddie held a garage sale to raise money for a trip.

This is NOT Liv and Maddie related, but I have added one high quality still of Dove in Malibu Country 1×08 “Push Comes To Shove” from earlier this year. A lot of people mistake this image as a L&M one, but it is not.