New Photoshoot for Mane Addicts.

Dove made a beautiful photoshoot for Mane Addicts and show of some hairstyles that can inspire you in your own prom. She also talks about her style, high school and, of course, her hair. Check out all the interview:

From demure Disney darling to trendsetting fashion “It” girl–Dove Cameron has been making major waves with her Insta-glam girl style. Best known on the small screen for playing her dual role in Disney’s hit show Liv and Maddie, we’ve watched Dove transform into a full on triple threat, adding both music and movies to her growing resume. Throw in her signature rag doll face–just look at those doe eyes and pouty lips!–and you’ve got yourself a superstar. And clearly, the world agrees– she’s got 11.1 million Instagram followers, NBD. We’ve been swooning over Dove’s modern day pin-up style for awhile, so who else better to tap for our prom Mane Muse? Below, celebrity stylist Chad Wood created four gorgeous prom hairstyles on Dove that are sure to take you into mega mane overload! Plus, Dove gets candid on her own prom, personal style, and her biggest hair mishap as a teenager–take a look!

Give your prom look a jolt of rock and roll cool with textured, side swept waves with some killer hair accessories. Chad calls this ‘the bend’–a style he learned while studying at he Paul Mitchell school. The key to recreating the look is in the inconsistency. “You don’t want it to be too perfect,” Chad notes.

MA: How would you describe your hair personality?

Dove: My hair personality differs from “I slept on my lawn last night” to “coconut oil as hair gel” when I do it myself,  all the way to “what the sun looks like in hair form” when I have my magical hair wizards to make it beautiful for me. I ain’t mad. 

Try a Madonna-inspired, high pony pop for prom! Perfect for adding mega style (and height) to your party look. The high pony pop is all about adding drama, so reach for weffs and extensions to get your longest, tallest hair ever.

 MA: What was your first prom like? 

Dove: I only went to one prom, actually! But I went with all of my friends, I wore a red strapless satin dress (classic) and I actually had platinum hair! Side part, but, hey. Gotta give 16 year old me some credit. 

MA: How would you describe your style in high school?

Dove: I was so extra in high school. I was SO over the top. I dressed like a living doll every day. Not, like, literal cosplay…but mini skirts and platform combat boots with knee high stockings and looooooots of fake eye lashes. I haven’t changed all that much, but my style makes a lot more sense now as an artist in the industry than it did in geometry class. At least I know I’ve always been who I am!

MA: Did you win a superlative in high school?

Dove: I did win a superlative! I won two: “most likely to succeed” and “best eyes”. I also won a joke one from my friends in show choir; “perfect attendance award” because I was always late or absent!

Want something flirty and sweet? Then try a braided-up bouffant wrapped up with a black Scunci ribbon. You’ll be the belle of the ball with this retro look.

MA: What has been your favorite hair look ever?

Dove: My favorite style was probably my blunt/wavy Marilyn cut that I’ve done for a few carpets and shoots (middle part until death), and my favorite color is definitely platinum. There was a time that I was so blonde I was almost white/gray, and that actually might be my favorite. 2 parts off-putting, 1 part pixie. Me in a nutshell. 

If you’re goal for prom is to look polished and clean with a side of edge, this updo with a micro bang is the hairstyle for you! According to Chad, the more jagged and weird the micro bangs, the better.

MA: Are you into trying out new looks?

Dove: I have recently been REALLY into trying new looks! Looking back, I definitely had something against trying ANYTHING other than “side part, soft movement”. But I’ve learned. I’ve grown.

MA: What was your biggest hair mishap as a teenager?

Dove: My biggest hair mishap was definitely when I got bored one night and decided to dye my naturally blonde locks espresso brown (MYSELF IN MY BATHTUB WITHOUT MY MOTHER), and cut my own bangs, way too far back. Complete with a self tanner on my body AND face. You guys. There’s a reason I’m an actress and not literally anything else. 

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