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(Video) Dove Reads Fan Tweets

Our gallery has been updated with the screen captures from the video. Check them out:

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(Photos) Dove Cameron for ASOS Magazine

Dove Cameron is the cover of this summer edition of ASOS MAGAZINE (you can purchase it here) and the site Teen Vogue brought us a little sneak peek from the interview so you can check it out below:

“For the cover, Dove is wearing white, wide-legged trousers. The look is paired with a floral strapless top and a pair of bright green sandals.

Inside the issue, she wears additional summer-inspired items, including a yellow top and long, green skirt; a pair of red pants and a white flowing top; and there’s also one image which features a pink, paisley-printed top. The accompanying makeup is kept very neutral, with Dove wearing shades of pink eyeshadow, a glossy lip, and bobby pins in her long, straight hair.

Along with serving up potential outfit inspiration, she opens up about her friendship with Ariana Grande, saying, “I lean on her a lot. She facetimed me four days ago because I needed advice. I relate to her. We’ve both had great trauma and because she’s had so many of the same situation as me, it’s beautiful to ask her questions.”

Dove also touches on her experience with mental illness, saying, “I heard something when I was seven or eight about how we’re born alone and die alone. That stuck with me, not as anything emotional, but something interesting. There’s nothing to lose. It helps you enjoy your life because you’re aware of how fleeting it is. When I say I am not the biggest fan of the industry, people get up in arms. I am grateful, I’m just not cut out to revel in it. It was hard to let people know I was grateful, but also deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loss and tragedy and breakups in the spotlight.”

Our gallery has been updated with the high quality pictures of Dove for ASOS Magazine. Check them out:

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(Photos) Dove Cameron at Disney Channel Fan Fest

Our gallery has been updated with a lot of pictures of Dove at Disney Channel Fan Fest. Check them out:

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– Public Appearances > 2019 > Disney Channel Fan Fest – ‘Descedants 3’ Panel
– Public Appearances > 2019 > Disney Channel Fan Fest – ‘Descendants 3’ Meet & Greet
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(Video) Descendants 3: Mal’s Darkness

Dove Cameron for Cosmopolitan

Check out the Dove’s new interview for Cosmopolitan and visit our gallery to see the whole photoshoot.

When Dove Cameron steps into the Cosmo offices, I can’t talk to her. It’s not that she’s on an important phone call or that I’m struck speechless by her celebrity. No, it’s that she’s on strict vocal rest and vowed to be silent throughout the two-day photo-shoot. The 22-year-old triple threat is currently starring in Clueless the Musical off Broadway and performing eight shows a week, so it’s pertinent that she find rest where she can, doctor’s orders. As an editor, I was nervous. How do you create a positive environment on set for five hours a day when your talent won’t say a word? I needn’t have worried.

Like the stereotypical Disney-bred star—she played twins on the network’s hit series Liv & Maddie for four seasons starting when she was just 16 years old—Dove entered the space with unparalleled pep. Under-eye masks plastered on her cheeks and a bright smile on her face, she lit up the room, despite just recently recovering from one hell of a flu and serious back issues (which would later take her out of a couple shows).

With her Siri dictation app in tow, she became fast friends with everyone and led us in a Joan Jett jam session while shooting her look based on The Craft. By the end of our time with her it was clear, without her saying a word, that Dove Cameron has what they call in the industry, “it.”

Fame, while never the goal, kind of just happened for Dove. After growing up in Washington and spending time in India where her parents used to design jewelry, her mother moved her and her sister to L.A. when she was about 15. She claims the success of Liv & Maddie occurred overnight, which led to her ubiquitous presence.

Since starring in the Descendants franchise as the conflicted daughter of Maleficent (played by her spiritual twin Kristen Chenoweth), her digital fandom has skyrocketed. Dove’s Instagram boasts 23 million followers who are more than willing to buy her merch, tickets to her limited New York performance, and new music—when she’s ready to release it. (Look out for that at the top of this year, she tells me… at least, once she has the time to promote it.)

Over a week after our photoshoot, I meet Dove again at a Joe & the Juice close to her hotel in midtown to finally get into it. Like the most well-known Disney stars before her (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, etc…) superstardom seems to be well within reach, but there’s something different about Dove. Something that reminds me Molly Ringwald, Anne Hathaway, and Neve Campbell—the teen queens of the high-school rom-com era.

As we talk over cold brews with almond milk and an energizer juice (both Dove’s) I realize what it is: she feels a bit more grounded, touchable, and surprisingly, a little wounded.

Dove came into the iconic role of Cher Horowitz, the original launchpad of teen queen Alicia Silverstone’s career, incredibly last-minute. She’d just finished filming project after project. From appearing in Netflix’s Dumplin’ to voicing Gwen Stacy in Marvel Rising to wrapping Descendants 3, Dove was tired, but unwilling to miss out on the role of a lifetime.

“We decided that it’s a lightning in a bottle moment,” she says. “Clueless the Musical is happening right now and probably never again. They’re not going to come to us in six months. It doesn’t wait for you, a theater doesn’t wait. So do it now, or you don’t do it.”

After seeing Dove portray the original valley girl heroine, it’s hard to imagine anyone else filling those designer shoes. She’s the same Beverly Hills popular girl you already know and love (complete with the iconic yellow plaid skirt set), and yet nothing like Alicia Silverstone’s Cher. Dove’s Cher, she explains, is complicated. She’s naive, but somehow wise. “Clueless,” yes, but sometimes completely self aware. continue reading at cosmopolitan.com

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(Photos) Dove Cameron for L’officiel Ukraine

A few months ago Dove was photographed by Davis Factor for L’Officiel Ukraine and I have added the outtakes (tagged, unfortunately) on our gallery. Check them out:

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(Photos) ‘Clueless, The Musical’ New Stills

Our gallery has been updated with new stills of Dove as Cher Horowitz in the ‘Clueless’ Musical. Check them out:

Also, this week Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz in the ‘Clueless’ Movie) attended the show and made a surprise for the cast and crew. As her biggest fan, Dove was very emotional and take a lot of pictures with Alicia. This is a big moment for Dove and I’m so proud to be able to call myself a Dovelie.

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(Photos) Dove Cameron at the ‘Clueless, The Musical’ Opening Night

On December 11th, Dove Cameron attended the opening night event for ‘Clueless, The Musical’ and posed on the carpet with her co-stars, the director and her mom, Bonnie. Our gallery has been updated with the high quality pictures of her at the party. Check them out:

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(Photos) Dove Cameron for TMRW Magazine

Our gallery has been updated with outtakes of Dove for TMRW Magazine. Check them out:

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