Liv and Maddie 1×09 “Sweet 16-A-Rooney” Episode Captures Added

I have added 565 HD captures of Dove from the latest Liv and Maddie episode 1×09 “Sweet 16-A Rooney”. Sorry for the late update, but I did add the caps several days ago.

Newly Added Lyrics Archive!

Hey guys! I have just designed, coded, and set up a brand new section of the site. It’s called “Sing It Loud”, after the fake show Dove’s character, Liv, starred in before Liv and Maddie takes place. I thought the title sounded appropriate considering it is for her music. In the lyrics archive, I have included a play button for the song you are viewing the lyrics to, so you can sing or read along. It’s still small since she hasn’t had much music released yet, but will grow when more is released. The first layout is New York themed because the lights font made me think of Broadway, and here we are! I hope you enjoy it! If you find any mistakes, or know of another song for me to add, let me know in the comments!
You can visit the archive by either clicking the image above or this link here: SING IT LOUD! Lyrics Archive.

“Liv and Maddie” Episode Stills and Promotional Photoshoot Images Added + 1×08 “Brain-a-Rooney” Episode Captures

I have re-added the first three episodes’ stills with higher quality versions. I have also added high quality stills of episodes 4-6 and 10, which were not previously in the gallery.

x11 – 1×01 “Twin-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x20 – 1×01 “Team-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x08 – 1×01 “Sleep-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x05 – 1×01 “Steal-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x13 – 1×01 “Kang-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x09 – 1×01 “Skate-A-Rooney” Episode Stills
x02 – 1×01 “Fa La La La-A-Rooney” Episode Stills

I have also re-added the current promotional images with higher quality versions, along with new/more images from the shoot! I have put them into two folders. The high quality / large one and the low quality one.

I have added 490 high definition (1080p.) captures of Dove in the most recent Liv and Maddie episode 1×08 “Brain-a-Rooney”, in which Liv got to geek out and show her smarts during a braniac competition, while Maddie held a garage sale to raise money for a trip.

This is NOT Liv and Maddie related, but I have added one high quality still of Dove in Malibu Country 1×08 “Push Comes To Shove” from earlier this year. A lot of people mistake this image as a L&M one, but it is not.

Dove Performs “Let It Snow” For Disney Christmas Parade (November 9, 2013)

I have added two HIGH QUALITY images of Dove performing “Let it Snow” yesterday, for the Disney Christmas Parade, airing on December 25!

Huge “Liv and Maddie” Episode Captures Update

I have added hundreds of HD, untagged (without the Disney Channel watermark) captures of Dove in her new Disney show Liv and Maddie. I have replaced the current, smaller, tagged captures with these.

x027 – “Liv and Maddie” Theme Song Captures
x645 – 1×01 “Twin-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x641 – 1×02 “Team-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x496 – 1×03 “Sleep-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x592 – 1×04 “Steal-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x394 – 1×05 “Kang-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x547 – 1×06 “Skate-a-Rooney” Episode Captures
x402 – 1×07 “Dodge-a-Rooney” Episode Captures

New Main and Gallery Themes

I have made and added new themes for BOTH the main site and gallery. Both themes feature images of Dove from her new show Liv and Maddie. Let me know what you think about the themes, and please let me know if you come across any problems with them.

“Shameless” 2×04 and 2×05 Episode Captures Added

I have added 104 HD captures of Dove as Holly Herkimer in the show Shameless episode 2×04 “A Beautiful Mess” (original airdate: 29 January 2012) and 20 HD captures from 2×05 “Father’s Day” (original airdate: 5 February 2012).

“The Mentalist” Stills and Captures Added

I have added 3 high quality stills and 343 HD captures of Dove as Charlotte Jane in The Mentalist episode 5×02 “Devil’s Cherry”, which had aired on CBS on October 7, 2012.

Better In Stereo Music Video and Captures + New Admin

I have also added 141 HD captures of Dove in the official video for the Liv and Maddie theme song “Better in Stereo”.

And hi, I’m Jen and I’m the new admin here at
I currently own a few other sites, but for much older celebs. (Capaldi, O’Donoghue, Raymond-James, Socha.)
I hope that I can be a good admin for this site. New layouts will be coming soon!

“Steal-A-Rooney” Clip

In Tomorrow’s new episode of “Liv & Maddie” – “Steal-A-Rooney” After Liv has a difficult time making friends at school, Maddie steps in to help. However, when Liv discovers she was set up and didn’t make her new friend on her own, she ignores Maddie’s warnings and instead befriends a girl known for causing trouble. Meanwhile, Joey is miserable at the new job he has accepted in order to pay back his parents for a hi-tech cell phone. Tune into Disney Channel Tomorrow SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 (8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT), to catch the brand new episode.

Note: “Sleep-A-Rooney” Captures are coming!