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(Photos) Dove Cameron on set of ‘Two Wolves’ in Billingham, UK

Dove Cameron was spotted filming her next project ‘Two Wolves’ with her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty. Our gallery has been updated with the pictures. Check them out:

– Two Wolves > On set in Billingham, UK (Sep 05, 2018)

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(Photos) “DESCENDANTS 3” Behind the Scenes

Our gallery has been updated with high quality pictures of Dove on set of DESCENDANTS 3. Check them out:

– Movie Projects > Descendants 3 (2019) > “Descendants 3” Behind The Scenes

(Photos) Dove Cameron at Pizza Hut Lounge at SDCC

Dove Cameron attended the Pizza Hut Lounge at San Diego Comic-Con on July 19, 2018. Our gallery has been updated with High Quality pictures of her at SDCC. Check them out:

– Public Appearances > 2018 > Pizza Hut Lounge (July 19, 2018)
– Photoshoot > 2018 > Session 005

(Photos) New/Old Promotional Images of Descendants 2

Our gallery has been updated with new promotional pictures of DESCENDANTS 2. Check them out:

– Movie Projects > Descendants 2 (2017) > “Descendants 2” Promotional Photoshoot

DESCENDANTS 3: Exclusive First Look Picture

Entertainment Weekly posted today an exclusive picture from Descendants 3 and you can find the high quality picture on our gallery. Check it out:

– Movie Projects > Descendants 3 (2019) > “Descendants 3” Promotional Photoshoot

(Photos + Interview) Dove Cameron for Tings London

Dove Cameron was interviewed by Darren White for Tings London and she talked about her fashion style, fans and, of course, her work. Check the interview and the amazing photoshoot on our gallery below:

Tings London: I saw that you and your stylist were super busy these last couple weeks. You grew up sewing and making clothes, so the process of getting dressed and previewing collections must be a delight.

Dove: My stylist and I are always thinking ahead, always thinking about when we might need a fashion moment. We’re good friends in real life, too, so we’re always thinking, planning, being creative. I’ve always loved clothes since I was little, honestly. My first big purchase for myself was a Brother sewing machine from Costco when I was 8 years old. And family friends always got me the cards that said things like “You’re such a fashion diva!”

TL: You two pulled together more than 20 looks! That means you’re really gearing up for a packed season.

D: We’re going into award season and there are a lot of events to get ready for. It’s a busy time, but somehow I’m managing to find balance, enjoying work, and staying sane, which is wonderful. I’m actually in a trailer on set right now for Agents of Shield. It’s a wonderful set, a wonderful cast and crew, and it’s a really interesting narrative for me in their 5th season. I have a couple of films in the pipeline and there’s definitely music happening right now.

TL: But somehow, amongst everything that’s happening, you’re still active on social media. You’re still interacting and maintaining meaningful connections with your fanbase in authentic ways. Do you feel a responsibility to them in a way?

D: Whenever I get recognized, it’s such an interesting experience, no matter when it happens or for how long. It’s hard to attach to myself [the fact that] a fan has seen themselves in something that I’ve been apart of. It’s not that they necessarily love me, and now I feel responsible to love them back. It’s not like, “Thank you so much for putting me up on your wall! – you are now my fan and I am your celebrity!” I’ve never felt that. In the way that you can never truly see yourself in the mirror, the way that it’s always just a reflection of you, sometimes I get the feeling that people will never see me. They see what they want to see in me, see what I mean to them. But the fact that I can mean so much to so many people, it’s a beautiful opportunity.

TL: It’s less about adulation, but more about interpersonal connection, and making meaning.

D: We all put up such tall cells and walls, but when somebody can make a little divot and let something in, a role or character that I played, and that gets into them, it’s an authentic offering of a deeper connection from a stranger, and what you can do with that is immense. The reason I became an actor is because I just love people. They are my life. I love watching people, hearing from people, connecting with people. It means a lot to me. There are so many people who want to offer that to me. I get to go past that top layer of being a stranger and get straight to a deeper connection, a more friendly, familial connection. I can hear things from the things that are interesting to me. It’s like this tailor-made virtual program that you can sign up for, where people know a lot about you and then they can say “Here’s some tailor-made advice.” and it’s like “Whoa, that IS great for me!” (laughs)

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(Video) Women of Marvel Interviews Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron at the 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Dove Cameron attended the 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards on April 27, 2018 in Pasadena, CA. She won her first Emmy as Outstanding Performer in a Children’s, Preschool Children’s or Educational and Informational Program for her role on Liv and Maddie.

Our gallery has been updated with lots of high pictures of Dove at the event. Check them out:

– Public Appearances > 2018 > 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards