(Photos) Dove Cameron for ASOS Magazine

Dove Cameron is the cover of this summer edition of ASOS MAGAZINE (you can purchase it here) and the site Teen Vogue brought us a little sneak peek from the interview so you can check it out below:

“For the cover, Dove is wearing white, wide-legged trousers. The look is paired with a floral strapless top and a pair of bright green sandals.

Inside the issue, she wears additional summer-inspired items, including a yellow top and long, green skirt; a pair of red pants and a white flowing top; and there’s also one image which features a pink, paisley-printed top. The accompanying makeup is kept very neutral, with Dove wearing shades of pink eyeshadow, a glossy lip, and bobby pins in her long, straight hair.

Along with serving up potential outfit inspiration, she opens up about her friendship with Ariana Grande, saying, “I lean on her a lot. She facetimed me four days ago because I needed advice. I relate to her. We’ve both had great trauma and because she’s had so many of the same situation as me, it’s beautiful to ask her questions.”

Dove also touches on her experience with mental illness, saying, “I heard something when I was seven or eight about how we’re born alone and die alone. That stuck with me, not as anything emotional, but something interesting. There’s nothing to lose. It helps you enjoy your life because you’re aware of how fleeting it is. When I say I am not the biggest fan of the industry, people get up in arms. I am grateful, I’m just not cut out to revel in it. It was hard to let people know I was grateful, but also deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loss and tragedy and breakups in the spotlight.”

Our gallery has been updated with the high quality pictures of Dove for ASOS Magazine. Check them out:

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