Site Construction and Updates Coming

Hi guys! My name is Jen, I was owner of this site between early November 2013 and late January 2014, and I was able to adopt the site back a few days ago. I will be updating with high definition captures, high quality stills, promotional images, and more images of Dove / Liv and Maddie soon. I will be working on the gallery, getting things out of this folder called “userpics” and into their appropriate folders, along with replacing some image files with larger, more high quality versions, so for a short, temporary time, you will not be able to access the gallery. I will also be working on some new layouts for the site because these layouts have been up for over eleven months now.
I would also like to pre-warn you that on the weeks that new episodes air (for both shows), I will be busy updating my Colin O’Donoghue fansite with Once Upon A Time (he plays Captain Hook) news on Sunday nights / Mondays, so I may not get to Liv and Maddie updates until maybe Monday nights, or Tuesdays.