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(Video) Descendants Cast REACTS to DESCENDANTS 3 Trailer

(Photos) Dove Cameron for TeenMix

Our gallery has been updated with a new photoshoot of Dove. Check them out:

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(Scans) Seventeen Mexico n. 192

Our gallery has been updated with 7 scans of Dove for Seventeen Mexico. Check them out:

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(Video) Dove Cameron in interview for Raissa Chaddad

Last week Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson came to Brazil to promote their new movie Descendants 2. The actresses were interviewd by Raissa Chaddad.

Raissa is a Brazilian actress and youtuber. She’s best known for her role as Bia in the soap opera Chiquititas.

Part of this interview is in Portuguese and as the major part of you aren’t native brazilians I translated for you the parts which Raissa speaks in Portuguese.

So please, read the questions bellow for y’all to understand the interview. The interviews itself begins at 1 minute 10 seconds.

1) It’s your first time here in Brazil. Do you know anything about Brazil? Any music or food?
2) Just like in Descendants you dance and sing a lot. What was the most difficult thing to do?

3) The movie’s very fun and I’d like to know how was the relationship among you guys off set.

4) My favorite Disney movie is Maleficent and she’s one of my favorite villains. I’d like to know what’s your favorite Disney villain?

5) What’s the biggest lesson in the movie?

6) I have here some brazilian memes and you’ll try to read them im portuguese. (Ps.: I wrote down the sentences of the Brazilian memes also in portuguese if you guys wanna play together with Dove and Sofia)

Eita, Giovana o forninho caiu. (C’mon, Giovana. The oven fell)

Close certo. (To give right close)

Parece que o jogo virou, não é mesmo? (The tables have turned, isn’t it right?)

Lacrou, miga! (You rocked it, friend)

Vou sambar na cara da sociedade (I’m gonna dance the samba on the face of society)

A senhora é destruidora mesmo (You rock it, lady)

I hope you guys like it.

[Gallery] Dove Cameron at the Premiere of Descendants 2 in Brazil

Our gallery has been updated with 59 high quality pictures of Dove at the premiere of Descendants 2 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Check them out:

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‘Descendants 2’ TigerBeat Cover Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes.

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[Video] “Descendants 2” Stars Find Out Which Disney Princess They Are .

[Video] Descendants Perfomance – Dancing with the Stars.

[Gallery] New Stills of ‘Descendants 2’.

Our gallery has been updated with 4 stills in High Quality from Descendants 2. Check’em out:

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[Video] ‘Descendants 2’ Official Trailer.

[Video] ‘Descendants 2’ Official Trailer.

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